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The Elephant in the Room

Sometimes we think that avoiding conflict is the solution to facing adversity in our lives. If we just pretend it is not there it will likely go away or handle itself. But often time, avoiding the conflict actually magnifies it. The more you try to avoid thinking about something, the more you are drawn to it. The more you ignore a problem, the more obvious it becomes that it is weighing on you. Sometimes, people think that running away from situations that trigger strong inner conflict is equivalent to them setting strong boundaries. This is not always the case. Running away from situations that cause you to question your beliefs, your actions, or your way of thinking can become quite unhealthy. This is your reminder that sometimes, conflict is what we need in order to grow. When we avoid conflict and choose our comfort zones instead, we are choosing stagnancy over growth.

Your advice: Not all conflict is bad for you. It is sometimes necessary for you to face the things that challenge your understanding of yourself and the world around you.

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