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Taurus Week of August 29th

You are revisiting the past and renewing your spiritual path this week, Taurus! If you have been feeling a bit stuck in the past lately, look at it as a retracing of your steps. As you retrace steps through your past cycles, you can focus on clearing them out to create space for this huge shift in perspective that the Universe has in store for you. What you once saw as an obstacle, you will now see was an opportunity to learn. My dear Taurus, I know that it can sometimes feel like you are taking 10 steps forward to take 5 steps back. This may feel uncomfortable or counter productive at times, but it is the chance to become a student of life again. As a fixed sign, you can have a habit of becoming attached to the comforts of routine whether this involves your own habits or your relationships with others. This week is your chance to release those patterns that are keeping you feeling lost and stuck. Through this tough transition, allow Spirit to gently guide you toward a new vision, a new life, and a world of possibilities. You got this Taurus!

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