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Libra Week of August 29th

You are ready to leave the baggage behind this week, Libra. But you may not know exactly how to direct this surge of inspiration. There seems to be so many things that need your attention but you may have been feeling a bit overwhelmed by this. Be ready to come out of that feeling of having so many things to do but not knowing where to start. This week, you are gaining momentum with some idea in a very subtle way. The main task at hand during this upcoming week is finding your way out of the chaos so that you can shift your focus to what truly matters. In the past, your focus may have been so heavily focused on running to the aid of others that you have lost sight of your own wants, needs, and desires. Use this spark of energy as an opportunity to dust off an old creative idea or brainstorm some new ones. Either way, the bulk of your attention should be on tending to your own psyche and continuing to cut ties with all that no longer serves your highest good.

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