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The Beginning of the End

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

I love how Spirit works their magic so serendipitously because the cards that came out today are perfectly fitting for this exact occasion. With June coming to a close, we are facing the termination of yet another cycle and preparing ourselves to start fresh in the month of July. It is so important for us to observe the natural cycles of life and apply it to our own experiences. Through these observations, you will see that the passage of time symbolizes how every ending you experience is just a beginning in disguise. The end of the Sun's day is the beginning of the Moon's night. The end of a work week initiates the start of the weekend. Although some endings are harder to accept than others, Spirit encourages you to remember to maintain an abundance mindset. Through this perspective you will see that you are exactly where you belong and you have everything that you need. Regardless of how things may appear, you must believe that even endings are for your highest good and in some way, it will aid you in your progression on the path to your best self.

Your advice: A beginning and an end are not mutually exclusive. See every ending as an opportunity to begin anew.

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