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The Comfort of Illusion

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

You have been living in a comfort zone. And this illusion of comfort has given you time to clarify your thoughts and listen to your inner self. Many of you have been connecting with your higher self and your inner child in unprecedented ways. And with these deep connections comes clarity, realizations, and revelations. Revelations that completely shift the perspective you have maintained in regards to this cozy illusion of safety and security. Suddenly, you look down and see that the ground you stand on is crumbling under your feet. You see that the light shining so brightly through the window is not of the sun but actually the result of flames bursting all around you, illuminating the shadows that have been hidden from your sight. Spirit says this illusion has lasted long enough for you to gain your footing and your strength. Now it's time to free yourself from the disaster of the burning building, clutching your new sense of self tightly. The question is, have you used your time in this illusion of comfort wisely? If not, you will likely feel ill prepared for this unexpected shift.

Your advice: When facing unexpected trials and tribulations, recall the strength that you have gained leading up to this point and use it to propel you toward your highest good.

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