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Compartmentalize *Trigger Warning*

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

When trying to make a decision, people often tell you 'just listen to your heart'. Although this is important in certain situations, there are also times when you need to listen to your logical mind despite what your heart is saying to you. Your emotions can become deceptive in situations where things like trauma, manipulation, and abuse are involved. Unfortunately, there are people who will use the emotions you have for them as a tactic to keep you stuck in a mental prison. It is so much easier to manipulate someone who has given up on their logical mind for the sake of their feelings than someone who is able to compartmentalize their emotional and analytical mind. I don't think that all people purposely take advantage of the mental fog that can come with strong emotions, but there are absolutely people out there who will purposely invoke these types of emotions so that they can strategically use them to fulfill their own selfish agenda. It is important for you to develop your own mental fortitude so that you can maintain independent thought, even when you are in a partnership with someone else.

Your advice: The ability to think independently is your most sacred gift, protect it at all costs.

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