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Be the Genie

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

If a genie appeared to you and gave you the opportunity to create a life that perfectly resonates with your deepest desires, what would you wish for? We are always right on the brink of living out our truest, wildest dreams. The "genie" is always waiting to give you exactly what you want. But the thing that so often prevents us from living in our truth is the fear of admitting what it is that we want and being judged for going after it. There can be an anxious energy surrounding our desire to step out from the crowd and be the truest version of ourselves; especially if it is not in alignment with either the ideals of the people around you or if it does not reflect the life that THEY imagine for YOU. It can be hard to see when you are living someone else's dream until you take a moment to sit down and contemplate whether what you are doing truly speaks to your heart and soul. This is the first step to creating a fulfilling life that you can live proudly and happily. Admitting that your current story is not satisfying you, even if everyone around you thinks you're crazy or stupid for wanting something different, is a necessary step in the direction of total satisfaction.

P.S. Look up the number 99!

Your advice: Sometimes you must be your own genie and make your own wishes come true.

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