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Gemini Week of August 29th

You are ready to end a cycle that has been leaving you feeling drained and unhappy this week, Gemini! Any relationships that have not been reciprocal are ready to come to an end, but it is totally up to you. You have to decide whether these situations are worth the pain and suffering that they come with. This may be an area of life where you are receiving some type of financial or material gain but at the cost of a huge emotional loss. This week, remember that those impossible situations that seem inescapable are only allowed to continue with your permission, Gemini. They will not end until you are ready to stop giving your energy to them. Be aware that the longer you prolong bringing this cycle to a close, the more you continue to block the blessings that are awaiting you on the other side. The worst part of this battle is over, my sweet Gemini. It is time to become an alchemist and turn your pain into gain!

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