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Aries Week of August 29th

You are feeling strong and confident this week, Aries! If you have been feeling off of your game lately, prepare to get your fire back during this upcoming week. This is your chance to take a closer look at the things in your life that do not align with you or your soul's purpose. Take note of the people, places, and situations that attempt to dim your light or extinguish your flame. This week is also a perfect time to take action on a passion project or business idea that has been living in the back of your mind. Remember, the manifestation you are seeking is also seeking you! So put the peddle to the medal this week and take advantage of this fiery energy that has ignited within. When you stand up for yourself and become the center of your own life, you will feel more fulfilled and the clouds will begin to dissipate. Don't block your own light this week, Aries. You deserve to shine!

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