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Aquarius Week of August 29th

This week is an opportunity to break away from the material world in order to spend more time with your higher self, Aquarius. You may have met a new romantic partner or be involved in some form of new love experience that is extremely powerful. It is one of those connections that make you forget about the outside world and all that matters is each other. Be careful that this deep devotion does not morph into obsession or codependency. Any previous toxic patterns that you have held regarding the balance between your inner world and the outer world is fair game this week. Meaning, you may be faced with unhealthy habits that you feel you've already let go or worked through. This is your opportunity to renew your love of self and ground yourself spiritually. Revisit these patterns with confidence that you have evolved because of them. Don't get sucked back into your old ways during this upcoming week, Aquarius .

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