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About Me

Just a girl from Philly

The main goal of Kaminacation is to guide you on your unique path using the knowledge of those who have come before us. I understand the astronomical weight of freeing yourself from self-imposed bondage and my only wish is to help lighten the load. Everyone's journey is different but it helps to have someone to confide in and to guide you along the way. 

My journey to find peace, freedom, and love has been filled with pain, darkness, and death. Of course every one of our stories is unique but I have seen that many of them contain these same themes. We all feel pain, guilt, and shame. We all have encountered dark times. And we all must face death in one way or another eventually. The purpose of Kaminacation is for us to explore these similarities between the internal wars that we are all facing and find solutions to fight these stealers of joy that we mostly conjure from within ourselves, both consciously and unconsciously.

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Wowwww! This was my first reading ever and let’s just say Kamina is fucking great at what she does! Literally all of my questions were answered way before I could ask them. I was speechless looking at my notes. I can feel her energy it’s so pure. I cannot wait to book my next reading. It was great I’m still smiling


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